Charlotte NC Headshots

You only have one chance to make a great impression! A professional headshot involves much more than just sitting against a background and smiling for the camera. I will greatly improve your “lookability,” confidence and approachability through my facial coaching system so that people will do a double take when they see your headshot. Headshot photography is about telling a story with just your face, so let’s get started creating your most important marketing piece. Having an amazing headshot opens doors!

Studio Headshots

Your personal headshot session includes unlimited outfits, unlimited shoot time and at least two backgrounds to make sure that I capture every look that you’d like. Best of all, you choose your favorites at the end of the shoot and only keep the image or images that you love!

Team Headshots

Perfect for companies that want a consistent look for their entire staff. We schedule a photo day either at your office or in studio. Each team member chooses their favorite photo on site.

New Hire Headshots

If we’ve previously photographed your team, new hires can come to the studio and receive a headshot that matches your previous aesthetic.

Charlotte NC Personal Branding 

If your goal is to attract people to your business, you might want to consider personal branding.  Personal branding goes further than a generic headshot in that it depicts your or your company’s image by showing you in the workplace environment, doing what you do best!  As a result, potential clients get a much better feel for who they will be working with.


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